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  • Screws installed with a pneumatic, gas, or battery nailer
  • Quick, easy installation

  • Screw assembly allows for easy adjustments or removal when necessary

  • Increase your production up to 123% 

  • Save over 70% in installation cost and labor cost

  • Screws have superior holding power over nails

  • Available in four collations:
    21° Plastic Strip

    34° Plastic or Paper Strip
    15° and 0° Plastic Sheet Coil 
    15° Wire Coil

  • Can be used with most nail guns on the market -- even one you already own

  • Available in multiple colors for project matching

  • Available in multiple heads and head inserts

Advantages of Ballistic nailScrews®?

Our Hybrid® Fastener is a specially designed, patented screw that you pneumatically drive with your nail gun! NailScrews® combine the advantages of collated nails (ease and speed of installation) with the best aspects of screws (quality and adjustability).  Many people are finding new ways that NailScrews® can help them and are enjoying increased production (up to 123%), time savings, and labor savings (up to 70% or more).

Ballistic NailScrews® come in four different collations:  plastic strip, paper strip, plastic sheet coil, or wire coil.  They are offered in several colors, but can often be special ordered to color match your material.  We also have stainless steel.  Whatever your project,  check out how NailScrews® can work for you.

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